804 Harold - A City of Houston Protected Landmark


    We are in Montrose, one of the 2009
    ten greatest neighborhoods in the USA according to the American Planning Association.
    The award is based on a happy mixture of residential and commercial land use, livability,
    art museums and historic preservation.

    The area covered by our association is bounded by Hawthorne to the North, Alabama to the South,
    Montrose to the West, and Audubon to the East.

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registered tree

Location: 3611 Audubon Place. This Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana) is registered with the Harris County Tree Registry
(index 263). It has a circumference of 181", a height of 54' and a crown spread of 114’. Only 8 Live Oaks in Harris
County have a spread that exceeds this one. It was nominated by Lynne Gevirtz.

We are a DEED RESTRICTED community; exclusions apply. Read the restrictions on the "About" page

We are a HISTORIC DISTRICT; find the city ordinance on the "Preservation" page

About Audubon Place

We are in Montrose, the Metaphorical Heart of Houston.
The area covered by our association is bounded by Hawthorne to the North, Alabama to the South,
Montrose on the West, and Audubon to the East.

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We are a HISTORIC DISTRICT; see details under Preservation;

Audobon Place Statistics
as of November 4, 2007

    804 Harold is a Protected Landmark of the City of Houston and on the National Register of Historic Places; it was built in 1915
311 Homeowners
141 Single Family Homes
60 Town Homes
83 Condos
9 Commercial buildings
18 Apartment buildings

71% of the land area is occupied by single family residences

147 homes date from before 1957
97 homes were built before 1930
39 homes were built before 1920
2 homes were built before 1910

The total number of structures in our neighborhood is 239

We are a DEED RESTRICTED community; exclusions apply;see: map

Audubon Place Deed Restrictions

The Deed Restrictions for Audubon Place are held by Historic Montrose Association, Inc. a registered non profit corporation

President: Stephen E Hamilton

Directors: Patricia A Thompson, Stephen E. Hamilton

Agent: Christopher Bryant
Address: 711 Marshall St, Houston TX 77006

For questions regarding the deed restrictions please email Stephen Hamilton or John O'Donnell

Special BUILDING LINES and MINIMUM LOT SIZES have been established for our neighborhood.

Audubon Place Covenants

Audubon Place has the following covenants established:

As defined in the deed restrictions a 20’ set back is required (June 2, 1994)

Historic District Designation is in effect for Audubon Place since October 22, 2008

Special minimum building lines are in effect for:

3400 through 3700 Audubon Place Blvd (East Side): 23’ (Dec 14, 2006)
the 600 and 700 block of Harold Street (South Side): 20' (March 9,2009)
the 600 and 700 block of Marshall Street (South side): 22' (August 2, 2006)

A special minimum lot size is in effect for:

the 600 and 700 block of Harold Street (South Side): 6000 square feet (March 5, 2009)

A listing of special minimum building lines and minimum lot sizes is available at this link

Read commentaries about our neighborhood:
  • Houston Business Journal - June 22, 2009
  • Top 10 Great Places award 2009

  • Introduction   Pictures of Homes   Bylaws   Deed restrictions   Archives

    Neighborhood Preservation

    We are a Historic District:
    On April 8, 2009 the city of Houston passed a resolution to declare our subdivision a Historic District.
    The preservation ordinance, in effect since October 22, 2008 can be found below

    The boudaries on the West side are slightly set back from Montrose (see map )

    Our neighborhood cares deeply about preserving what little is left of historic Houston.

    Read the report prepared by the city planning department

    For an inventory of our historic and contributing buildings click here

    This unusual California-style bungalow was built in 1922 by Ewart & Lillian Lightfoot. He was superintendent
    of construction for the George T. Broun Construction Company. Originally from Kentucky, Lightfoot was a prominent
    building contractor in Houston for 25 years. He was founder and president of the United Motor Courts of America and
    was an avid big game hunter. He lived here until his death in 1950; the house is still owned by his family.

    The design shows influences, of Frank Lloyd Wright’s creative adaptation of Japanese architecture and the Mission style
    found in both California and Texas. Note the cobblestones, the knobby texture of the stucco and the original garage that
    is part of the house, a very uncommon feature. The cobblestones came from Spain, and were formally used for ballast on a
    merchant ship. The second floor was added in 1925 as a large ball room to celebrate his daughter Maxine's graduation party [PvB].
    Remember the transcontinental railroad track we mentioned earlier in the tour? Mr. Lightfoot had to remove large amounts of
    coal from this lot before building this house.

    (from Gary Coover's walking tour)

    The house was written up in the Houston Architectural Guide of the AIA in 1990.

    Special Minimum Building Line and Lot Size
    Forms for a special minimum building line or minimum lot size petition maybe obtained from the Planning department
    website. There is a complicated formula for computing the setback or the lot size and this depends on whether
    the area is a designated historic district. The owners of a minimum of 51% of the area on a street face
    must sign the petition. Several streets in our neighborhood
    have been awarded a special building line of over 20' and a minimum lot size of 6000 sqft.

    The above information is based on the City of Houston web site. Read more

    For a list of streets with special covenants
    see the covenants on the "About" page

    Deed Restrictions
    We are a deed restricted community; exclusions apply.
    See the restrictions on the "About" page

    Our Historic Homes   HAHC Preservation Website   Preservation Ordinance   Design Guide

    Calendar 2015

    Audubon Place Association meets at 7:30 p.m.
    every first Thursday of the month except for July and August.
    In October we have “National Night Out” and in December the meeting will be a Christmas party.

    The following dates are planned:

    January 1 - TBD
    February 5 - TBD
    March 5 - Mercantile Montrose - Stanford at Hawthorne
    April 2 - Mercantile Montrose - Stanford at Hawthorne
    May 7 - 3615 Montrose
    June 4 - cancelled
    September 3 - Mercantile Montrose - Stanford at Hawthorne
    September ? - APA yard sale - 3707 Audubon Place
    October ? - National Night Out - 3405 Audubon Place
    November 5 - Mercantile Montrose - Stanford at Hawthorne
    December 3 – our traditional Christmas party

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    entire neighborhood a better place to be.

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